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FIVEaa Breakfast Adelaide with Will Goodings and David Penberthy

Interview with Will Goodings and David PenberthyFIVEaa Breakfast Adelaide 7.10 am 7 June 2018 E & OE GOODINGS: As is our next guest, the Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield, in town to launch some research regarding the impacts and benefits of the NBN for South Australia. Minister, good m...

Remarks at Indonesian Embassy

Remarks at Indonesian Embassy 3pm 30 May 2018 E & OE FIFIELD: Your Excellency, thank you so much for having me and my team here with you today. And thank you very much for your warm welcome and that of your team. Today does represent a significant occasion in the relationship betwe...

3AW with Neil Mitchell

Interview with Neil Mitchell 3AW 10.30am 25 May 2018 E & OE MITCHELL: I just want to check on the Telstra issue. There’s been three major outages in three weeks with a chaotic Friday back on May 4. And they told us lightning had struck a pit in New South Wales. Well it was 200km’s aw...

Chris Kenny on Sundays

Interview with Chris Kenny Sky News Studios 7pm 20 May 2018 E & OE KENNY: Often in the news we hear about the ABC and certainly we’ve looked at some issues here, when it comes to the ABC over recent weeks. So there’s always plenty to talk about when it comes to our national...

2GB Chris Smith Show

Interview2GB Chris Smith Show12:35pm16 May 2018 Subject: ABC Staff bonuses, ABC Funding, ABC Efficiency Review E & OE SMITH: Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield, joins me on the line right now. Minister, thank you very much for your time. FIFIELD: Good to be with you Chris. SMITH: Di...

ABC Melbourne Mornings with Jon Faine

InterviewABC Melbourne Mornings with Jon Faine9:40am16 May 2018 E & OE Subject: Bureau of Meteorology radar, 5G spectrum, ABC funding, airport security FAINE: The weather bureau, the Bureau of Meteorology, asking for him to put a stop to the auctioning of spectrum for mobile phones, because...

Opening of the Gandel Atrium

Opening of the Gandel Atrium Canberra12.15pm15 May 2018 E&OE FIFIELD: It's great to be at the Australian National Museum for the opening of the Gandel Atrium. The Gandel family have partnered with the Australian National Museum to enhance this space at the Museum, as the gateway to the collectio...

National Wrap with Patricia Karvelas

Interview National Wrap with Patricia Karvelas 9pm 13 May 2018 E & OE KARVELAS:My first guest tonight is the Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield. Mitch Fifield welcome to National Wrap. FIFIELD: Great to be with you Patricia. KARVELAS: What happened to Jane Prentice? FIFIELD: ...

ABC Drive with Raf Epstein

Interview ABC Drive with Raf Epstein 5.05pm 10 May 2018 E & OE RAF EPSTEIN: One of the losers in Tuesday’s Federal Budget is the radio station you’re listening to. The ABC received a freeze on its funding. The ABC receives about a billion dollars a year. Normally that funding goes up with inflat...

Doorstop - Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast

Speech with Minister For Foreign Affairs, The Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister For Communications And The Arts, Senator The Hon Mitch Fifield, Minister For Trade, Tourism And Investment, The Hon Steven Ciobo MP Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast 4 May 2018 E&OE STUART ROBERT:  Good m...

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