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Doorstop - CPO Sydney

Doorstop CPO Sydney 17 April 2018 11am E & OE FIFIELD: The Government is announcing today a comprehensive review of the telecommunications consumer safeguard framework. The current arrangements have been in place for the best part of 20 years and, clearly, telcos need to lift their game. T...

2GB Money News with Ross Greenwood

Money News with Ross Greenwood 2GB 27 March 20186:35pm E & OE ROSS GREENWOOD: For those people who like alternative forms of lotto and remember that Lottoland is a big sponsor of this radio network. Do understand that it’s going to come to an end very, very quickly. As early as they ...

Sky News with Kieran Gilbert

Sky News with Kieran GilbertSky Studio Canberra28 November 20178:30amE & OEKIERAN GILBERT:Good morning and welcome to the program. We've got lots to discuss this morning with the Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield. He joins me here in the studio.  Minister thanks for your time...

ABC 774 with Jon Faine

ABC 774 with Jon FaineABC Studio, Parliament House, Canberra28 November 20178:45amE & OEJON FAINE:Things are getting decidedly difficult for Coalition Ministers and Malcolm Turnbull’s inner circle. Mitch Fifield is the Minister for Communications in the Turnbull Coalition Federal Government...


DoorstopPress Gallery Parliament House Canberra28 November 20177:00am   E & OE JOURNALIST: So why are you disappointed with Triple J’s decision? FIFIELD: I think Australians have come to love and accept that they can tune into their favourite 100 hottest hits on Australia Day. It’s part of...

RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly

RN Breakfast with Fran KellyABC Studio Canberra28 November 20176:50am   E & OE FRAN KELLY: The ABC’s youth station Triple J is facing a backlash in some quarters over its decision to shift its iconic Top 100 countdown from Australia Day out of respect for indigenous Australians.  Mitch...

ABC News Breakfast

ABC News BreakfastABC Studio Canberra28 November 2017:35am   E & OE MICHAEL ROWLAND: Triple J's Hottest 100 will not be held on Australia Day next year after Triple J surveyed listeners about changing the date out of respect for Indigenous Australians. The countdown...

Queensland Country Hour with Charlie McKillop

Queensland Country Hour with Charlie McKillop Parliament House, Canberra 22 November 2017 12:25pm   E & OE CHARLIE MCKILLOP: The Federal Government is about to roll out another tender to get more mobile black spots sorted out. Federal Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield says another...

3AW Morning program with Neil Mitchell

  3AW Morning program with Neil Mitchell 3AW Studio Melbourne 9 November 2017 9:10am   E & OE MITCHELL: This is one of the most complained about issues in the country. It is not working. Plays audio of Prime Minister “Well Neil firstly it is working.  It is rolling out to around ...

Spectrum in Motion - RadComms 2017 Conference

Spectrum in Motion RadComms 2017 Conference Pyrmont, Sydney 1 November 2017, 9am E & OE FIFIELD: Well thanks very much James (Cameron, Acting Deputy Chair). It was a little unsettling when you said people in this room could download the RadComms Act. As we all know there’s...

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